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Athletics in Congo

Athletics, including track and field events, holds a place in the sports landscape of the Republic of the Congo. While football is the most popular sport in the country, athletics is an essential component of physical education and sports development. The Republic of the Congo has produced athletes who have competed in regional and international competitions, showcasing the talent and dedication within the country.

The development of athletes in track and field often involves training and competitions at various levels, including schools, local clubs, and national championships. The government, sports organizations, and educational institutions may collaborate to support the training and development of athletes in athletics.



While specific stadiums or complexes may have facilities for track and field events, they are often shared with other sports. The emphasis on athletics may vary, but it remains a vital aspect of sports culture, contributing to the overall health, fitness, and competitive spirit of the population. As with other sports, the availability of facilities and the level of support for athletics may be subject to changes and developments over time.